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Delivering Competitive Advantage in Collegiate Recruiting

The recruiting landscape for collegiate athletics is a crowded and competitive market. As programs look to generate competitive advantage in this area, many are using technology in innovative new ways as they strive to attract the right talent.

When it comes to recruitment, selling your program’s culture, city, lifestyle and student-athlete experience in a way that is relevant to 15-18 year olds is a key challenge. If you can codify what makes your program unique and present it in an engaging way, then you can use technology to gain an advantage in the recruiting process.

The result of years of experience helping elite sports organizations codify their DNA, the Sportsology Recruiter app is designed to engage potential recruits with your program’s intellectual property. Instantly engaging young athletes with your organization through dynamic digital content, the Recruiter app is built to deliver genuine competitive advantage to you and your staff.

Why the Recruiter App?

Codify your program

Capture and codify your program’s philosophy, values and vision through a high-level process led by industry leaders in sports advisory. Then deliver the content through a centralized, interactive platform.

Tell your story

Tell the unique story of your program’s culture and use it to engage with prospects of all ages, domestic and international, in a way that resonates with them.

Stand out from the crowd

Deliver high-impact digital content to stand out to potential recruits by giving them an interactive experience of what it’s like to live on your campus and represent your program.


Prior to working with Sportsology on the development of our FC Cincinnati Academy Recruiter app we didn’t have a formal process for identifying and engaging prospective talent.

This product has met all of our requirements and priorities as we identify, communicate with, educate and eventually sign new players to the academy. As we collaborated on the app, Sportsology listened to our needs at every stage and took the lead in providing solutions. The end result is an app unique in our space and flexible enough to grow with us. If your organisation is looking to innovate, then I couldn’t recommend Sportsology highly enough as a partner.

Larry Sunderland Director of Player Development FC Cincinnati

The Process

Sportsology’s team and developers will support you every step of the way as you define the DNA of your program and map out the content you want to share with potential recruits.

From start to finish, the development and deployment of the Recruiting app is a four-stage process:

Content Capture

Sportsology’s team will work with your staff across multiple departments to capture the content you want to present in the app.

App Build

Our developers and design team create your program’s custom version of the Recruiting app.

App Deployment

The app is reviewed internally before being strategically deployed to potential recruits.

Content updates & maintenance

Our team is constantly on hand to maintain the app and update it whenever you want to add new content or functionality.


Interested in using the Recruiter app with your program? Our team would be happy to give you more information and offer you a demonstration.

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