We can help you navigate the

1. Change Management Support

How do you ensure you are making the right decision if a change of management is on the horizon? What strategy needs to be in place to mitigate both internal disruption and external fallout?

1. Timing of Decision

2. Internal Announcement Strategy

3. External Communication & Media Management Strategy

2. Performance audit & role definition

Sportsology Internal Audit

2-3 day immersion with key staff on-site
Internal Ownership led discussion (Ownership, Leadership & Sportsology plus any other relevant internal staff) to brainstorm structure, future roles, and relationships.
Agree on the ideal structure and operating model
Decide upon role qualities; culture fit requirements; perceived profile fits
Prepare the internal narrative for when in discussions with the market place around what we are looking for and what we place value around

3. Talent ID & Selection

Our candidate profiles are built against culture, organizational values, management style, experience, education, background, media & commercial appeal

Decisions can be made against data-driven and social metrics around the success of teams worked for & injury matrixes, colleagues who candidates have worked alongside and associated family & social factors.

Unique psychometric profiles are created in the later stages of the process, designed around a simple and digestible graphic output.
(expand the profiling to the colleagues of the organization)

4. Interview Management & Support

GM/CSP content from ipads/docs

Filter shortlist to interview list and arrange interviews Interview process
Sportsology provide assistance interview techniques and approach

5. Candidate On-Boarding

Paperwork, red tape, and familiarisation to evolving processes and culture is time-consuming. Gain competitive advantage and mitigate these circumstances, reducing the time it takes to get new staff performing. Deliver a clearly defined process for new employees and communicate ongoing information to existing staff. Share and communicate essential information to the employees prior to their arrival. Our system and app create a conduit to request and capture essential information from the individual via forms and feedback loops. It’s an effective method to deliver ‘good news’ and information about the organization and employees.

Visit onboarding

6. Performance Planning & Evaluation

Content TBC

7. Succession Planning

Track your human capital and assess the risk of talent leaving the organization and the impact their departure would have on the success of the franchise and plan internal or open market successors. Assist informed decisions by rating career potential, level of responsibility, contextual knowledge of the sport and organization and industry experience.