Addie Brady

Sportsology Research Academy: Supporting the Addie Brady Foundation

At Sportsology we are committed to supporting a number of causes as part of our corporate social responsibility initiatives.

The Addie Brady Foundation

One of the causes that is close to our hearts is finding treatments for Li-Fraumeni Syndrome (LFS), an inherited familial disposition to a wide range of cancers. To help raise awareness of this issue, we are proud to support the Addie Brady Foundation.

Founded in 2018, the Addie Brady Foundation aims to raise awareness, provide further funding and research into LFS, and help implement better screening programs and treatments for families affected by the condition.

The Culture Narrative

To raise funds for the foundation, we are working on The Culture Narrative, a new book about organizational culture in sport, the proceeds from which will be given to the Addie Brady Foundation.

Featuring interviews with owners, presidents, general managers and head coaches at some of the world’s most prestigious sports organizations, The Culture Narrative will provide fascinating insights into what it takes to build a high performance culture in sport.

The Culture Narrative will be published winter 2020/21. Pre-order information will be available closer to the publication date.