Introducing Culture DNA: A New Way to Measure Engagement

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For years, Sportsology has worked to help sports organizations accelerate transformation through applied expertise, insightful research and intuitive technologies.

By helping to shape organizational change, we’ve witnessed first hand the importance of people, culture and engagement in driving those initiatives. That’s why we’re launching a new product to help our clients proactively monitor and respond to their organizational health.

Introducing Culture DNA: a new way to measure engagement.

“The launch of Culture DNA is the result of years of experience working with high-performance sports organizations,” says Mike Forde, Executive Chairman of Sportsology. “Culture and engagement are key drivers of success and we want to give our clients the tools to consistently measure, monitor and understand the health of their organizations.”

As part of a process shaped by specific organizational needs, Culture DNA combines consultancy and unique survey tools to deliver a wealth of insights across six key categories:

  • Clarity of vision
  • Alignment of strategic goals
  • Leadership
  • Process
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Talent management

The data collected through the platform can also be broken down into demographic subgroups to deliver a deeper understanding of people, engagement and performance.

“We’re excited to bring Culture DNA to the market and start to help sports teams gain actionable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of their organizations,” said Francesca Kielesz, Director of Culture Solutions at Sportsology. “The platform is already being used by some of the biggest sports franchises in the United States and we’re confident that it will give them the practical insights they need to provoke positive cultural change.”

Interested in exploring what Culture DNA can do for your organization? Click here to download the brochure for more information.