Georgetown Hoyas: Remotely Engaging Prospects With Sportsology’s Recruiter App

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In April, Georgetown University became the first athletic department to use the Sportsology Recruiter App to support the recruitment process. We’ve been speaking to staff within Georgetown Athletics to find out how the app has been received by prospects.

Georgetown was originally motivated to use the app when the coronavirus pandemic started to disrupt regular recruiting processes. Since April, several of the Hoyas’ sports programs have used the technology to stay connected with prospects at a time when in-person contact and campus visits are not permitted.

Mitchell Baker, cross country/track & field assistant coach at Georgetown, believes the Sportsology app has been important for giving prospects a virtual version of the recruiting experience they would’ve had in a normal year.

“During the period of time when we launched the app, the prospects seemed in a particularly vulnerable place with their college search,” says Baker. “Having the app was as much about expressing to them that we were trying to do something different to help them in a difficult time, as well as being a virtual replacement for the type of experience they were missing by not being able to be on campus in person.”

Changing Recruiting Habits

Although Georgetown originally rolled out the app to mitigate a specific set of challenges, the staff has seen how it can continue to deliver value and improve processes beyond the current situation.

As the director of Georgetown’s track & field/cross country program, Julie Culley has witnessed the ways the app is improving engagement with prospects and efficiency across the recruiting process.

“There’s so much the app can do to create more of an interactive space – it’s been fantastic and I think we’ve seen that there’s a lot we can do in future that doesn’t have to be done in person. Obviously that in-person connection will always be needed, but the app has given us a new way to provide valuable information while being more efficient with time and resources.” 

Georgetown plans to keep using the app beyond the current situation, with the technology proving valuable in giving prospects a better way to retain information about the program as they make their decision.

“Even in a normal year, where a kid comes to campus on an official visit, they might get six hours here and then spend the next four months trying to remember the details,” says Culley. “The app is a way for them to go home and reinforce what they saw and spoke about on those visits. It’s a way for them to reinforce that information that was delivered to them and understand what Georgetown stands for.”


Positive Reception

Since rolling out the app in April, Georgetown’s track & field/cross country staff has been pleased with the way it’s been received by prospects. The coaching team also believes the technology has set Georgetown apart from other universities in the way they approach the recruiting process. 

“Nearly all of the feedback has been positive,” says Kyle Levermore, assistant coach with Georgetown’s track & field team. “In this environment, the platform has been a unique tool in the recruiting process that no other school has launched and set Georgetown apart. As a staff, it shows recruits the initiative to set ourselves apart and the investment we have in our future.”

Culley also emphasizes the role the app has played in differentiating Georgetown from the competition and enabling the program to express its values and culture to prospects in the absence of in-person meetings.

“The launch came at such a crucial point, and we were the only school doing something like this. So it was really impactful because the rising seniors could still go through the recruiting process. We can’t have in-person contact with the prospects until the end of August, but the app has been a good filler, helping them to get to know the coaches and the team on a deeper level without meeting in person. The app sets us apart from other universities.”

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